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So what if ‘Short’ is part of ‘Short and Sweet’ – 1

Short + Sweet Festival of Plays Delhi 2012So what if ‘Short’ is part of the name Curtain Raiser – Short + Sweet 2012’ it has nothing to with what short reminds you of… there’s a saying in hindi “dekhan me chota lage ghav kare gambhi” (this might look small but the impact – enormous) and that’s what this curtain raiser did on this hot and humid Delhi evening at the LTG (supposed to be a small) auditorium.

The Curator of the festival Deepak Dhamija told me that there’s some confusion in the tickets booked, as soon as I reached there around 4 noon, as the online booking agency got confused (they must have taken the name literally) and ended up booking more tickets than they were supposed to ( yes this was all for some ‘short’ plays not for a Rajnikant flick); and they said that are managing it; so I believed .

Humidity and then I needed to set my camera too so I went in to catch the cool of the aircon. The doors opened and then the crowd started coming in slowly and then woo the crowd too wasn’t small and it kept swelling now the seats were full and still more swelling settling on the floor … some who were short-tempered lost their cool (and that’s what the AC did yesss it stopped working mid-way) but the moment light at the stage went from bright to dark and then gradually becoming bright to show the first play of the eve; all were settled;

The LTG was 150% full.One after the other, previous years Plays ( the winner of the S+S international award) kept the stage alive and the audience – realized it’s been two hours and that the AC is not working, only when the show was over…What an evening…Here are some photographs; some moments; expressions that I could capture in my Canon for you.


So what if ‘Short’ is part of the name ‘Short and Sweet’


Short+Sweet Theatre is the biggest festival of ten minute theater in the world! ( Its held annually in 5 countries Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand & India. Each year Short+Sweet Theatre presents over 300 of the best ten minute plays from local and international writers in festivals worldwide…


it has nothing to with what short reminds you of…

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Prashant Sehgal, Nicky Chandam, Deepak Dhamija, Vikash Choudhary, Harpreet Singh, Nihal Parashar, Juhi Goel, Vara Raturi, Sweetie Sinha, Vanya Joshi, Reema Katoch, Gaurav Raturi, Tarun Singhal, Zorian Cross, Bharat Tiwari and Anubha Singh at LTG Auditoriumn,Copernicus Marg.


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