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Bhartendu ka Baazaar

“Bhartendu ka baazaar” ( Paltan, ITC)

_MG_18872nd December 2012, New Delhi.

Paltan group performed  ‘Bhartendu ka Baazaar‘, a musical as part of the wild card performances in Short and Sweet Delhi 2012, which is the 3rd edition of world`s largest 10-minute theatre festival. The venue was LTG Auditorium, Mandi House

Short+Sweet DELHI Festival Director, Deepak Dhamija said that the play is inspired by the market scene of Bhartendu Harishchandra’s ‘Andher Nagri’, it is a musical farce that unfolds in a local market of a small town. It is about vendors of varied commodities and services, protesting against the threat of a foreign buyer wanting to invest in and control their market.

Cast: Raghav Gupta, Shubham Gune, Ankit Tiwari, Ajit Ranjan, Shivendra Vaiyapuri, Avantika Tomar, Bharti Shandilya, Raghwendra Rathore and Shivendra Singh.

Crew: Ashok Sharma, Vatika Bharti, Akansha Misra, Piyush Singh Chandel

Concept: Team Paltan

Directed by Abhinav Sabyasachi Paul


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