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3, Sakina Manzil – A Play by Deepak Dhamija

“3, Sakina Manzil”

in Desires Unlimited’s Epoch – A vintage theater festival

Desires_Unlimited Epoch_A_vintage_theatre_festival_Written_by_Ramu_Ramanathan_Director_Deepak_Dhamija_Puneet Sikka_Tarun Singhal (52)

Mar 8 (7:00PM) and Mar 9 (4:00 PM and 7:00 PM) 2014
Book tickets @ BMS

Written by: Ramu Ramanathan
Director: Deepak Dhamija
Cast: Puneet Sikka and Tarun Singhal
Language : English
Duration : 100 mins
Theater : LTG Auditorium

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Synopsis – A story based in pre-partition era, when the country was fighting for its independence, world was being ravaged by World War II, and the Hindi film Industry was learning to stand on its feet.

Amidst all this, in an old apartment building of Bombay, 3 Sakina Manzil, a love story of two silent lovers unfolds. Torn apart by destiny, they tread different paths only to meet again after five decades.


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